Business Support

The Commute is brought to you by TPS Transport Consultants Ltd, a team of experts who have been helping organisations to develop and implement commuter and sustainable transport strategies for over 20 years.

We help organisations to understand, improve and influence commuting options, and in doing so help them to overcome a range of common commuting related challenges.

CV-19 Support

We are currently busy helping organisations to understand the commuting related challenges associated with CV-19, and to plan and deliver appropriate solutions. Please get in touch if your organisation is in need of CV-19 related support and advice.

Ways we help ….

Postcode and Travel Options Data Analysis

We work with organisations to understand where people travel from to reach their site and the commuting options available, which may be markedly different in the current climate, as compared to just a few months ago. This data analysis is an important tool being used to inform key business decisions and strategies, both around employees returning to work post Covid-19 and more generally.

Staff Travel Surveys

Understanding the commuting options available to a workforce is one thing, however, understanding personal preferences, challenges and intentions is another. We survey staff to understand how they currently travel, intend to travel or would like to travel. We identify common obstacles and desires, and use them to shape informed strategies.

Commuter Tools & Resources

We identify, develop and deliver a range of appropriate tools used to improve the commute. Take a look through our Resources for a few ideas, however, don’t let that limit your expectations. Whether you need private bus services, a cycle hire scheme, a car share scheme or a commuter incentive programme, talk to us.

Workforce Engagement & Commuter Support

Using our in-house design and events team we develop and deliver high profile workforce engagement and commuter support packages. We inform your workforce, advise your workforce and support your workforce, ensuring they feel able to choose the most appropriate commuting options. Common solutions include:

  • Bespoke commuter travel guides;
  • Bespoke commuter websites (have your own bespoke version of this website);
  • Poster and promotional campaigns;
  • Onsite events and promotions.

And There’s More ….

Organisations, business locations and individuals are unique in many ways. So too therefore are commuter challenges and associated solutions. Over the past 20-years we have worked with clients to deliver a wide range of support and services, all aimed at improving the commute. Talk to us about how we could help you.