Could You Be Car Sharing To Work?

Could You Be Car Sharing To Work?

Do you often travel to work alone by car? It may be possible to share the journey with someone else to reduce your travel costs, help minimise local congestion, and minimise parking demands.

What is a car share scheme?

Put simply, car sharing is when two or more people get together to share a journey by car. Much car sharing takes place informally, between friends, family and colleagues. Car share schemes come into play when people are looking to find someone to car share with, who maybe they don’t already know. They use clever journey matching technology to match people up based upon home location, journey route, and a range of personal preferences.

Many employers have private car share schemes in place, aimed at matching up employees who could share a journey together. In the first instance we’d therefore suggest checking whether there is a car share scheme at your workplace (employers can contact us to find out more about setting a scheme up).

If your employer doesn’t have a scheme in place, don’t worry. is the largest car share network in the UK, and can be joined by any individual at no cost. So, if there’s no-one within your company to share with, why not see who else is making a similar journey to you?

How to join:

Joining couldn’t be easier:

  1. Visit the;
  2. Input details of one or more journeys you’d like to share;
  3. Complete the short registration form;
  4. Search for others who undertake a similar journey to you; results are returned on a user friendly map;
  5. If you find a match, contacting that person is easy and secure through the online system.

How much could you save?

It is reported that people who frequently share a journey to work by car, rather than driving alone, can save over £1000 a year in fuel costs. That’s a lot of cash to spend as you please!

To help you find out how much you could save make use of this handy Savings Calculator

Car share Q & A

If you have any questions about the practicalities of car sharing don’t worry, you are not alone. Below we have summarised a number of frequently asked questions, with further information and FAQs available by clicking here.

“No-one lives near me, so there wouldn’t be anyone I could share with”

Your car share partner doesn’t need to be a neighbour, just someone who lives on / or near your route to work. It doesn’t even have to be someone who works at Thorpe Park Leeds; just think how many people drive past here each day on their way to the city centre.

“I have different working hours to other people”

Lots of use work flexibly nowadays, but car sharing can be equally flexible! You can choose to share infrequently or everyday to suit you; you can always share with different people on different days or even travel to work with one person and home with another.

“I don’t have a car”

You don’t have to drive to car share; you can search to receive a lift from someone else, offer a lift, or if you both drive, you can take it in turns.

“I need to be able to get home if my child is ill”

We advise that employers should operate a guaranteed ride home policy, so that you won’t be stranded at work (in a range of possible scenarios). Many employers across Thorpe Park Leeds have these policies in place, so in the first instance we’d suggest contacting your HR department for further details.

“I drop off my child / partner on my way to work”

You don’t need to share for your entire home – work journey, you can always pack someone else up after you’ve dropped off the kids / your partner. Simply start your journey search from the drop off point.

“What if I don’t want to share with the person I’m matched with?”

Even after you’ve signed up or made a match you don’t have to share – you can delete your journey at any point, and if you’re not happy with a match for whatever reason, yo can simply decide not to confirm it on the system and search again.